Department of Learning Innovations (DLI)

The thriving learning culture at PharmEvo promotes personal and professional excellence at the individual, functional and organizational level.

Pharmaceutical Branding Masterclass:

Participants: Marketing

Trainers: Zubair A. Siddiqui

Details: Learning the Do’s and Don’t of Pharmaceutical Branding

Communicate to Collaborate:

Participants: Multiple Departments of the Factory

Trainers: Hafiz Muhammad Owais

Details: A communication workshop to enhance collaboration and effectivenss

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Participants: Marketing (Product Managers)

Trainers: Syed Jamshed Ahmed & Muhammad Adnan Azam

Details: A workshop to teach professionals how to be organized and engage in tasks that are purposeful and meaningful.

Act Like an Owner:

Participants: Multiple Departments of Factory

Trainers: Umaimah Muzammil

Details: A self-awareness workshop on taking the ownership of your actions and work.

The Growth Mindset:

Participants: Sales Managers

Trainers: Muhammad Adnan Azam

Details: A program based on Carol Dweck’s book on Growth Mindset.

Leaders are Readers