Selected Activities by Our Driven Marketing Teams


Team Conquerors

 A Water Campaign was initiated by the Conqueror Team in April and May. The core message behind this campaign is to Defeat Diarrhea by providing pure mineral water in Wards, OPDs and Clinics to overcome dehydration and save the doctors from contaminated water.

Team Metabolizers

Mentor-Mentee is a unique initiative by team Meta to develop young emerging consultants under the supervision of the leading experts of the segment through their real-life experiences & cases. This would help them clear their FCPS Part II exam. These sessions are interactive and provide opportunity to each participant to interact with examiners to learn from them.

Team Navigators

Team Navigators organized ‘ Workshops’ which was a series of face-to-face scientific events for physicians and GPs on EGLARO-S with an objective to increase brand and molecule awareness through scientific education among Healthcare professionals and make EGLARO-S a preferred choice of treatment for type 2 Diabetes. 

The session introduced more than 400 HCPs to the newer research on SGLT2 inhibitors in three different cities. Eminent speakers including Dr. Zaman Shaikh, Dr. Musarrat Riaz, Dr. M. Hasan, Dr. Tanveer, Dr. M. Irfan, Dr. Altaf Rehman, Dr. Haji, Dr. Qaisar and Dr. Imran became part of the workshop.



Team Thunders

Team Thunders did us proud by organizing the first-ever Respiratory Research Awards during the 4th National Pakistan Chest Conference at PC, Lahore. More than 100 consultants and PGs attended the awards. Amongst them were, Prof. Ashraf Jamal, President Pakistan Chest Society (Punjab Chapter), Prof. Saulat, Prof. Khalid Waheed, Brig. Jamal, Prof Zafar Iqbal, Prof. Anila Basit, Prof. Nousheen Saif, Prof. Javaid A Khan including many more.

Team Transformers

Initiate Erli Symposium was moderated by Dr. Mehboob Qadir (AP of Medicine). Presenter was Dr. Bilal Afzal (Consultant Diabetologist) & Dr. Kamran Babar (Consultant Cardiologist).

Panel of Experts available for this session were Prof. Dr. Kashif Ali Hashmi (Cardiologist – MIC), Prof. Dr. Abdul Hameed Anjum (Medicine – Nishtar Hospital) Dr. Shahzad Alam (HoD Endocrine Ward – Nishtar Hospital). 95 Doctors attended the session.

Team Warriors

4th March 2023 is celebrated as World Obesity Day, a disease that affects a large portion of the population. This year Team Warriors executed different campaigns to highlight this alarming issue with the medical fraternity. This year’s theme “Changing Perspectives- Let’s Talk about Obesity” was the real motto behind these activities. Taking the lead in addressing this challenge, PharmEvo collaborating with 8 leading hospitals across Pakistan arranged a cause-oriented walk. Total of 500 HCPs were engaged in this activation and appreciated PharmEvo’s unique efforts. Also, HCPs across Pakistan were engaged to share their message to fight obesity on our Facebook page.

Team EvoCheck

In March, EvoCheck launched a collaborative campaign from the platform of Discovering Diabetes i.e., SMBG Drive, focusing on the importance of blood glucose monitoring and Diabetes management. This initiative aimed to provide access to proper diabetes management to deserving people all over Pakistan by engaging 20 doctors across the country, covering over 8 cities and numerous districts. These doctors were provided customised vouchers offering free glucometers to needy patients to be disbursed at the doctor’s discretion. Over 300 free glucometers were distributed through the campaign.

Team E-Commerce

The E-commerce division of PharmEvo entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Foodpanda on March 16, 2023. This strategic alliance between the two companies allows PharmEvo to conveniently position its products in 32 dark stores.

Team Archers

Team Archers – Consumer Division arranged Phytus Mehfil-e-Maza Standup Comedy Show with PTV Peshawar Artists on 16 Feb . Over 300 leading retailers of Peshawar were engaged.


Team Alpha

On the occasion of Heart Failure Awareness Week, Team Alpha organized an activity named “HF Puzzle,” a gamified ward presentation, across various cities in Pakistan in February 2023. The topic of these sessions was “Drug Layering in Heart Failure”. The event successfully engaged 267 cardiologists, who actively participated in this activity.

Team Bravo

Team Bravo initiated a campaign named ‘A New Debate: Expanding Horizons in the Management of Hypertension’. The activity engaged around 80 doctors across different cities in Pakistan.

Team Challengers

Team Challengers introduced the initiative “The Risk Reducer” on January 1, 2023. 200 branded dispensers were installed to provide LOWPLAT at initiation in the ER OPD or CATH Labs.

Team Champions

Team Champions continued their initiative Cath Conferences, and the MOU renewal for the next 02 years took place Live on April 29, 2023. The ceremony was attended by PSIC Council Members, President & PharmEvo team led by Mr. Mohsin Sheraz Ali. 

 The sequel to Cath Conferences is ’Cathalogue’ which is a Catalogue of cases presented during the course of Cath Conferences. This will document the data presented in the ‘’Cath Conferences’’ & shall establish more touchpoints for customer development. Unveiling of the ’Cathalogue’ was done by President PSIC Dr. Nadeem Hassan Rizvi & Mr. Mohsin Sheraz Ali (Director Marketing, PharmEvo). 

Team Elite

First Ever Vitamin D Research Awards

PharmEvo’s cutting-edge initiative i.e. Vitamin D Research Awards encouragesd young clinicians to conduct research on Vitamin D. The response from the participants was overwhelming, as 10+ submissions came in from all over Pakistan. The contest took place in 4th International PSIM Conference in Lahore.

The launch of the Vitamin D Research Awards is an exciting development in the field of Vitamin D research in Pakistan. With its focus on encouraging young clinicians to conduct research in this area, the initiative has the potential to have a long-term impact on the health of the population.



Team Legends

A 2-Day SPSS Training Program was successfully executed by team Legends in Peshawar Institute of Cardiology which was attended by the entire leading faculty. 4 Research Analysts and many PGs including more than 40 doctors attended the session and highly appreciated PharmEvo for the 2-day training to all PIC faculty and doctors. PharmEvo Medical Director Dr. Masood Javed very well presented our CSR initiatives which were extremely appreciated by the MD & HOD of PIC.


Team Mavericks

Swing for Mental Health

Golf-themed Marketing Campaign at the WPA Thematic Congress 2023

The WPA Thematic Congress 2023, held in Karachi from 3rd – 5th March 2023, provided the perfect platform for team Maverick’s innovative marketing campaign that focused on promoting mental well- being through a unique Golf-themed Approach. Recognizing the positive impact of greenery on mental health, the stall was designed to resemble a serene golf course, creating a calm and lively atmosphere for attendees.

The Golf-themed marketing campaign at the World Psychiatry Conference proved highly successful, with approximately 300 HCPs engaging with our stall and participating in the Golf Activity.

Team Titans

20th March is celebrated as the International Day of Happiness worldwide. This year the theme was Be Mindful, Be Grateful, Be Kind. In connection with their Estar tagline “brings good times”, Team Titans celebrated the day engaging more than 1000 HCPs and distributing pledge tokens as a reminder to adopt three simple steps to a happy life.