Selected Activities by Our Driven Evodian Teams


PharmEvo Research Forum Activities

Endocrinology Research Awards

Endocrinology Research Awards during PES Annual Conference were held on 15th Dec’2022 at Pearl Continental Hotel, Peshawar.


Cardiology Research Awards

CRA is an initiative of PharmEvo with the collaboration of Pakistan Cardiac Society & Academic grant by PharmEvo for the development of the Health Research Ecosystem in Pakistan.

6th Cardiology Research Award were held at PC Hotel Peshawar on 18th, 19th & 20th November 2022.


The Road to Automation: Recruitment Management System by Team HR

With the increasing shift towards digitization, Team HRD is proud to implement its all-powered Recruitment Management System. The system helps manage and automate the recruitment and hiring process, which ensures the flexibility and reliability of information shared by candidates applying for a job at the company.

Kudos to team HR for the unique initiative!



Team Bone Saviors carried an extensive campaign in Sept 2022 where they conducted hand grip testing of patients with a Hand Dynamometer at targeted Clinics. 250+ clinics were targeted under this campaign.



Hypertension is a global health threat & its management is a serious challenge. Team Bravo engaged top health care providers citywide in an interactive debate session to formulate a strategy to overcome the rising threat of hypertension among the population.

Conqueror Team launch in October

Pediatric Division launched the new Conqueror team with the vision to make Ferfer Gro a 100 million brand. The launch event was attended by the PharmEvo Executive Leadership who shared their vision for the company. The team is extremely determined to make PharmEvo’s presence in the Paeds segment stronger than ever.

Team EvoCheck

Team Evocheck partnered with DoctHers to conduct nationwide screening camps of over 1000 people throughout Pakistan, checking their blood sugar, blood pressure, temperature, weight and hepatitis.

Team Gladiators

Team Gladiators successfully executed the campaign known as FEM Femova Executive Meeting. These programs were conducted in big cities of Pakistan e.g. Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Gujranwala, Islamabad & KPK.

The team engaged 100 Professors and Consultant Gynecologists of Pakistan. In these professor cabinet meetings, moderators engaged the doctors & discussed about recent trends of PCOS & its management options.

Team Legends

Team Legends successfully completed a 2-day SPSS Workshop in PIC Peshawar under the supervision of Senior doctors with more than 25 PG Trainees.

Team Mavericks

Team Mavericks presented doctors and medical institutions with the artwork called “ Tree of Hope”.

It is inspired by the beauty of a large tree and a colorful reflection leading to positive perspectives of life. It is a bright symbol of inspiration and hope to the people suffering from mental health challenges giving them hope of recovery. It represents the fact that despite of a gloomy start, life can be full of colors.


Team Metabolizers

Team Metabolizers organized a Mentor-Mentee (Medicine Review Board) Program at Movenpick Hotel, Karachi & Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore.

These programs focused on practical scenarios comprised of TOACSLong Cases & Short Cases. The team engaged around 80 Medical Residents (4th year) who were mentored by 45 Facilitators from the South & Central Regions. All the facilitators were CPSP examiners. 

Team Navigators

On 21st Oct, 2022, Team Navigators arranged an exclusive session-’The name of Compassion: The Plus in Personal & Professional Life.’ The session started with a brief of PharmEvo’s Legacy by Mr. Syed Jamshed Ahmed followed by the talk of Dr. Ali Asghar, who highlighted the role of compassion in personal and professional life and its importance in patient care. Mr. Nadeem Rehmat shed light on PharmEvo’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility followed by the closing remarks from Mr. Haroon Qassim. Later, all the doctors were taken for a factory tour.


Team Omron

 Team Omron arranged Customer Awareness Programs at different Gyms to promote a healthy lifestyle.


With the launch of the new team Thunders, PharmEvo has now entered into the Respiratory segment.

In the launch event, the DCEO, Mr. Jamshed Ahmed talked about the journey that PharmEvo has gone through, followed by the MD Mr. Haroon Qassim who shared the vision of the Big Leap with the team.

Team Titans

Team Titan launched 2 exciting products Sparliv and Anex. We expect to see more exciting developments from this team in the future.



Team Transformers

Team Transformers started a unique style of presentation “Walk Through Presentations” by the name of “Through Erli”. The presentation covered recent studies and advancements on Empagliflozin and doctors attends it via walking from one LED to another. 

The sessions were conducted in Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar and approx. 150 participants attended the presentations. The medical community greatly appreciated the unique concept. 



Team Warriors

Team Warriors successfully conducted Fertility Conclave with Senior Doctor Faculty in Multan. All leading KOL’s gathered under one roof to develop a mutual consensus on the Optimal Use of Letrazole. It was an open-mic discussion on the use of Letrozole in different cases.

Team Winners

In November 2022, Team Winners invited top practitioners and HCPs for an Expert Talk, a detailed discussion on diabetes management and preventive measures required to check the increasing prevalence of diabetes in Pakistan.