“The sky turns dark as the clouds thunder. Big drops of rain announce the arrival of the blessed rain. A small boy runs to catch the ball amidst the heavy pour. But not even the storm could stop him from what was to become a life-long passion for CRICKET.

Life continued and this passion for cricket continued alongside my passion for my work. My philosophy is that one should do what one loves so one will never have to work. But easier said than done. The sport requires extreme hard work, loads of patience and stamina, continuous learning, willingness to accept mistakes, and taking full responsibility for yourself and your team’s actions, and of course the vision to see beyond. I employed the same skills in my work.

The only keyword here is to keep going no matter how tough or rough it gets. Consistency and showing up in all circumstances is the only way to get through of course seeking the help of only Allah SWT.

My cricketing days continue and make for a welcome respite from the competitive job goals. As for now, I find myself completely immersed in both my passions.

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