We are thrilled to share that Ayesha Saleem d/o Abdul Saleem Shaikh working with us as Senior Officer, Business Development got the first position in Pharm D at the University of Karachi.

Way to go Ayesha. We could not be prouder!

Learn about Ayesha’s Journey in her own words:

With courage and determination, I embarked on a journey of change, leaving my beloved homeland, Saudi Arabia’s serene Madinah, to venture into a new chapter of life in Pakistan. My purpose was clear: to pursue higher education and build a secure future for myself and my family for their unwavering support and immense sacrifice of relocating to Pakistan for my education. Throughout this pursuit, I had one thing in mind, to secure a gold medal in my Pharm-D degree. With the blessings of Allah SWT and the prayers of my parents, I have finally attained first position with a CGPR of 3.71 in Pharm D. This achievement is a testament and a sweet fruit to the countless hours of hard work, sleepless nights and unwavering dedication invested in my education. It also gives me motivation to further excel in my professional career life too.

This triumph is not just a milestone; it is the foundation for a life filled with purpose and dedication.